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Signed up for PFG after a few years of not being at gym, working out at home, which can only go half the distance of being in a complete gym. I worked out at all three gyms in succession during my first week, including the latest addition on San Pedro. Again, I have found that Dustin and his staff set the bar very high. Clean, well maintained, organized and a professional staff highly involved with cleaning and other duties. Friendly and helpful. Also I like the fact that Dustin does not play deceptive games, he strives for an honest business relationship with members. He asks a reasonable price for his gym services. No "Big Gym Corporation" techniques are used to take advantage of folks, like "one time" fees, add ons and extras. He is square and fair and upfront. I am very impressed and am glad to support a local gym with high standards. The members seem to be a serious set of people, just doing their workouts effectively and have a no-nonsense attitude, like "get 'er done" and show good gym etiquette and politeness. Also I am glad that the gyms have rock on the sound system, don't have to bring my ipod then. Thanks, Frank.

(Anonymous, 326 days ago)

(Anonymous, 982 days ago)

Love this gym. Great staff, CLEAN, serious workouts.

(Lucy B., 1,036 days ago)

BEST GYM IN TOWN. The facility is always spotless, the staff is always helpful, and the equipment is well maintained. I've worked out at a lot of gyms and Dustin knows his stuff!

(Tom H., 1,107 days ago)

A member for over 5 years now, I continue to find PFG the best I've ever been to and I've been to several local ones. Well kept clean exercise equipment is rarely, if ever, down and then immediately dealt with by Dustin either himself or out source and its back up promptly. Other gyms I've experienced, equipment would be down for weeks, soap and towels would constantly be out and even after informing staff of this, would be neglected. But not at Powerflex, that's the advantage of a owner/operator fully vested in his business and aware of his client needs. Better priced than most gyms. Equipment, floors and restrooms are constantly being cleaned by dedicated, helpful staff members. And also good gym patron etiquette seems to prevail there as well. Although I've never dealt with the trainers at PFG, they all appear to be very sensitive and aware of others using equipment and make themselves unobtrusive with their clients, etc. PFG is the place to go and get real and get in shape and stay that way.

(Anonymous, 1,133 days ago)

I enjov working out at Powerflex. The atmosphere is great and the gym is always clean. The staff is pleansant, particularly Tracy.

(Anonymous, 1,161 days ago)

I have been a member for over three years, have managed to keep off over 50 lbs that I have lost and continually find new and exciting ways to work out in this facility. The environment is motivating, the company is encouraging, the gym is clean and never over-crowded. Thank you Powerflex staff and all other members for making me feel welcome and fit!

(Anonymous, 1,198 days ago)

Ive been working out at Powerflex for over 2 years and love it. Its always clean and organized and the staff is great. They have all the equipment you could want in a gym, without the musclehead attitude. Great place to workout.

(Anonymous, 1,381 days ago)

This gym is just what I was looking for! The staff, especially Sara, are so helpful and friendly. I also appreciate how clean and well-maintained the gym is which is why I am giving it 5 stars!

(Anonymous, 1,406 days ago)

I would just like to express my gratitude to Powerflex gym and trainer Randy Greene. The facility is extremely clean and organized. The staff is friendly. All in all it is a pleasant, nonjudgemental environment to workout in. I must commend Powerflex for offering such a professional to work with me. Randy has helped me to make a life change. My health concerns have changed me from a very sedentary person to a fit and healthy 40 something year old. Perhaps for others this might be an easy transition but in my case this is quite an event. My work and favorite hobbies involve needle arts, not exactly major calorie burning pursuits, but the source on my income, interest, and passion. Randy carefully and entertainingly has helped me change my life. I am grateful for his punctuality and expertise. He knows when to push me and when to take it easy. I have not had the same workout twice in 4 months. I think this speaks to his knowledge of fitness. He has also helped me with making better nutritional choices. He is fun and I can see him being able to effectively train all age groups. In summary, I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for offering a full service facility with excellent people to assist a newbie like me! Sincerely, Mrs. Lewis R. Schafer

(Anonymous, 1,413 days ago)

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